About Us

Ideas in Motion

Atlantic Promotions Inc is recognized for its openness to new ideas and innovative concepts and most importantly, for the efforts it devotes to research, development and the introduction of new products.

The corporation relies on the extraordinary potential of American and European inventors who trust Atlantic Promotions to bring their invention projects to a positive conclusion.

Each year, Atlantic Promotions creates, develops and markets some 30 new products under its brand names.

All of our products are oriented toward the mass and specialized markets, are available for export and are renowned for their:

  • Ingenuity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Contemporary and ergonomic design
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • And extensive life cycle

For more than 45 years, Atlantic Promotions has successfully taken on this major challenge.


Atlantic Promotions… Since 1965, at the heart of innovation and marketing trends

To develop and market innovative kitchen products for the Canadian and global markets using a strong marketing mix strategy. Our products combine quality and design and are ground breaking and ahead of the market trends.

To promote the one stop shop concept offering everything for the kitchen under the same roof including full ranges of cooking utensils and accessories.

To develop new categories as well as recognized trademarks and create an enhanced demand through print and televised advertising campaigns that clearly demonstrate the added values and the innovative characteristics of our products.